Body Geometry F.I.T.

We offer several customer bike fitting to meet your needs and ensure you bike is properly matched to you.

BASIC Body Geometry F.I.T: For new riders

Bike is adjusted to fit your body while you sit in a stationary position, boosting comfort and efficiency while minimizing the potential for injury.

Approximate time for basic fit 15 Minutes

Fit Includes

  • Static saddle height adjustment
  • Static fore-aft saddle position adjustment
  • Static handlebar height adjustment
  • Static handlebar fore-aft
2D COMPREHENSIVE BG F.I.T: For Enthusiasts

A custom fit that guarantees significant gains in comfort, efficiency and power.

Approximate time 45 minutes.
Fit Includes

  • Flexibility assessment
  • Dynamic* saddle height adjustment
  • Dynamic* fore-aft saddle position adjustment
  • Dynamic* handlebar height adjustment
  • Cleat adjustment
3D ADVANCED BG F.I.T. For elite riders

The highest level of custom fitting bike to body resulting in maximum increases in comfort, efficiency and power.

Approximate time for Advanced 3D fit: 1-3 hours

3D Fit includes all elements of 2D with the following additions:

Fit Includes

  • Advanced flexibility assessment
  • Advanced structural assessment
  • Footbed fitting
  • Hi, knee and foot alignment
  • Other adjustments as needed

*”Dynamic” means while pedaling on a stationary trainer.